Building Approvals & Building Certification

Quality Private Certifiers provide a range of professional services to architects, engineers, builders, building designers, developers and homeowners.

  • Provide building consultancy and advice on the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Preliminary assessment of Complying Development.
  • Issue of Complying Development Certificates (CDC)
  • Issue of Construction Certificates (CC)
  • Issue of Occupation certificates (OC)
  • Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)
  • Carry out all Mandatory Critical Stage Inspections required throughout your development

Quality Private Certifiers works closely with you to make sure that your building projects proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible to save you both time and money.


Complying Development Certificate

Complying development is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential developments. If the application meets specific criteria, it can be determined and approved as Complying Development.
Quality Private Certifiers staff are accredited to issue Complying Development Certificates for any specified Complying Development in NSW.

This includes:

Reviewing of plans and documentation for compliance with the requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia (BCA). Preparation and issue of a checklist addressing all documents required for our assessment. Reviewing Council’s and other Authorities requirements (as applicable).
Satisfy ourselves that all monies payable to council and/or other authorities, e.g. insurances, bonds, deposits, levies and other fees have been paid.
As an Accredited Certifier, undertaking the required pre-approval site inspection.
Determination and issuance of a Complying Development Certificate.

Some categories of work that are complying development:
  • Construction of a new dwelling
  • Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling
  • Construction of a secondary dwelling
  • Demolition of a building
  • Swimming Pools
  • Townhouse
  • Villas
  • Duplexes
  • Shed
  • Garage
  • Carport

Construction Certificates (CC)

Quality Private Certifiers provide Construction Certificates on all residential projects throughout NSW. After development consent has been given, a construction certificate must be obtained before any building work can start. The certificate verifies that: The detailed construction plans and specifications of the development are consistent with the development consent and complies with the Building Code of Australia. All required contributions and fees have been paid. All development consent conditions that must be satisfied before a certificate can be issued have been met.


Before any work can commence on your site, you must appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). The PCA will complete inspections throughout the course of construction and certify that works are progressing in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and the conditions of the development approval. Once all works have been completed to a satisfactory standard the PCA will issue an Occupation Certificate.

Occupation Certificates (OC)

An occupation certificate gives approval to use or occupy a building (or other structure) in conjunction with the development consent or a complying development certificate. When a development or work is completed several contractor certificates will need to be provided to verify that certain parts of the building are compliant with the BCA and Australian Standards.

BCA Compliance Reports

Our BCA Compliance Reports provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring your new or existing building is compliant with the BCA and Australian Standards. Our full-service compliance approach allows our clients to successfully navigate their certification, audit, compliance and approval needs for a range of new and existing buildings.